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It’s what’s inside that matters.

At Ascenta, “It’s what’s inside that matters” is at the core of everything we do – how we treat people, the way we conduct our business, and most importantly, what we put in our bottles and our bodies. When you focus on what matters, things become easier. We make omega-3 easy.

Easy to take
Our products taste great and we hear it every day. If you have tasted other omega-3 supplements, you will agree with us. With a clean taste, you are not limited to flavour options that mask a fishy taste. Mango, apple, and citrus are just a few of our delicious flavours.

Easy to trust
You want a product that is ultra-pure, and you want the highest quality guaranteed. We’ve got it. We test every lot for quality and post the test results for your bottle online for you to see. No one else does and everyone should. Pure Check is the name of our third party quality program. Check it out.

Easy to feel the benefits
Why take an omega-3 supplement if you don’t feel the benefits? Our science-based formulations give you the right amount of omega-3 that translates into real health benefits. Unlike many brands that don’t meet label claims, we do: for every bottle we produce you can see it for yourself through Pure Check. We also spend more to give you a product in a TG form (as naturally found in fish) that is easy to absorb, contrary to products in an Ethyl Ester form which are not approved in Australia as complementary medicines.

Easy to believe in
Our own health and happiness is tied to the planet’s health. We’ve only ever used sustainable oil sources. We work to minimize our ecological footprint and we are proud to have been the first natural health company to join 1% for the Planet.

Easy to choose
Because our products are based on science, not marketing, we offer a simple, easy-to-choose lineup of products. Find the best product for you.

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