Omega-3 for Athletic Performance

Is omega-3 beneficial for athletic performance? No, it's essential!

Why do some of the world’s top athletes such as Simon Whitfield, Adam van Koeverden, and Jenna Martin incorporate NutraSea into their nutritional performance regime? Because omega-3 EPA and DHA do a lot more than just protect the heart:  

  1. They increase fat break-down and improve muscle synthesis.

  2. They improve heart parameters during exercise by reducing heart rate and improving oxygen delivery to the heart.

  3. They reduce exercise-induced asthma/bronchoconstriction.

  4. They reduce exercise induced muscle soreness.

  5. They improve mental focus and concentration.

Grant Roberts (fitness guru and trainer to the stars): "Whether my clients want to get lean, add a little muscle, recover after a good workout or want to improve the mental muscle to better remember their lines, omega-3 promotes remarkable results. I have tried all the all the leading brands, long story short NutraSea is the brand I trust to be of the purest and highest quality."

Lauren Dempsey (IDFA and SAF Pro Fitness Champion): "NutraSea HP has had a significant effect on my post exercise recovery and body fat composition."

If you’re looking for a competitive edge or simply looking to improve your fitness and body composition trust the omega-3 the experts, trust Ascenta!



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