More Fat Burning Tips from Hollywood Trainer and Nutritionist: Grant Roberts

By guest blogger and Hollywood trainer and nutritionist, Grant Roberts

Get Real & Establish Realistic Goals

It’s called a lifestyle for a reason. A healthy and invigorating fitness lifestyle is something you should strive to have for your whole life. We eat and exercise to invigorate and increase our energy. Nothing about following a healthy Unified Lifestyle involves starvation or torture of any kind.

Food obviously plays an integral role in expediting positive fitness results. Studies have shown that 70% of body composition management success is achieved through nutrition when combined with exercise, rest and recovery.

Contrary to popular belief, starving yourself does not promote fat loss; in fact it does quite the opposite. When your body detects a threat (starvation) it engages the automated emergency survival system that slows metabolism, hoards fat and begins shedding lean muscle tissue to address its primary concern: survival.

Combining starvation with over-training and the “eat less- exercise more” formula can have devastating consequences to your muscular and endocrine system. The stress hormone cortisol will devour muscle and eat away at your health. Here is my advice: resistance workouts should be short in duration and intense (no longer than 75 minutes). The same goes for cardio workouts. If you go beyond the 75 minute mark you will require taking in some form of glucose (like you see endurance athletes do during marathons) to avoid muscle breakdown.

Post exercise, it is extremely important to deliver the essential nutrients your body needs to live, and repair. These are: water, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

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