Fat Burning Tips from “Million Dollar Baby” Trainer

By guest blogger and Hollywood trainer and nutritionist, Grant Roberts

Take an Omega-3 Supplement Daily

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are absolutely essential to human health. The modern day abundance of inflammatory diseases are easily explained when we realize how out of balance and deficient omega-3 is in the North American diet.

Collectively we consume far too much packaged foods that are all abundant in omega-6. Food manufacturers remove or do not include omega-3 in products because it has a very short shelf life. As a result we have an overabundance of long shelf-life “pro-inflammatory” omega-6 rich packaged foods and nowhere near enough “anti-inflammatory” omega-3. The solution to this problem is to take an omega-3 supplement daily.

High quality fish oil is the best source of omega-3. In the spirit of this article and disclosing secrets to expedite fat burning, I will share the story of how impactful omega-3 was in preparing one of my more celebrated clients.

It usually comes as a surprise when people learn that I only had nine weeks to prepare Hilary Swank for her Academy Award winning role as a prizefighter in the movie Million Dollar Baby. It’s true: we shot the climactic fight scene where she faced off against a real life middleweight world champion exactly 63 days after we began training. In that short period of time, Hilary packed on 23 pounds of muscle and her body fat percentage reduced by 6% from her already lean physique.

Hilary’s remarkable transformation would not have happened without omega-3 supplementation. Fat is an essential part of your diet and should be consumed daily to promote health.


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