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Five reasons athletes need omega-3

By now, you know that everybody needs omega-3, of course. But did you know supplementing with omega-3 offers significant benefits for athletes? If you have an active lifestyle, make sure you’re not missing out on all the good stuff omega-3 supplements can provide. Here are just five of the top… Read More»

If Omega-3 is good, is Omega-3-6-9 better?

By Josh Webb, guest blogger and fourth-year medical student While visiting another medical student, I noticed a bottle of omega-3-6-9 on his kitchen counter. When I enquired about the bottle of capsules he told me that we don’t get enough omegas and he started taking them to improve his heart… Read More»

Get set for your fittest summer ever!

This summer, Ascenta is providing you with tons of tricks, tips, and motivation to help you achieve fitness. From fresh daily fitness content online to a brand new, exciting contest, we’re dedicating the next two months to getting fit and having fun doing it. Ascenta is proud to work with… Read More»

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